"Wealth Create Webs Doesn't Build And Forget"

This is our Motto and a foundation of our Service

Once your website is live, WCW Consultants give ongoing monthly support to keep your site up to date in order to insure you derive the most value from your investment.

The issue in today's fast paced technical landscape is that a website can be outdated within 3-6 months of initial launch. This applies to both site content as well as the site "Look & Feel".

Our consultants monthly review each site and will make recommendations if required to owners to keep the site "fresh" and to keep them abreast of current trends.

Wealth Create Webs business concept is to offer small to medium sized businesses their own websites with low entry costs plus ongoing consulting/support at a low monthly price.

Our professional consultants partner with each client to create and maintain a site which reflects the value of your business.

Unlike our competitors who focus on putting up a site (for $995-$2500+ we might add!) then leave you to fend for yourself,
at Wealth Create Webs putting up a site is ONLY the 1st step.

From there we partner with you and support you, developing an ongoing relationship to insure you acheive a return on your investment.

"You Work Hard for Your Business and Endevours"
"You Deserve a Quality Web Presence as much as Anyone!"

Maintenance & Support

Each WCW Client site comes with their own secure "Administration/Site Management" area at from which you can manage your clients info, create email campaigns, contact WCW, manage e-commerce offerings, view your site satistics, etc. depending on type of site you have.

Standard Maintenance: $49.00/month

10% discount on 6-12 month payment in advance
Includes 1 hour of consulting per month
Weekly site updates

Premium Maintenance: $99.00/month

10% discount on 6-12 month payment in advance
Includes 2 hours of consulting per month
Unlimited scheduled site updates

Within these 2 ranges we can work with you to build a support model which best suits your business need. So, for example, you may need more than the Standard Maintenance Package but the Premium Maintenance is overkill. We'll be happy to structure a support package someplace in between which is best aligned with your actual need.

Existing Websites

For many varied reasons, website owners become dissatisfied with their Website Service Provider. You want to change web hosts because you have found a less expensive solution for your web site. You are not happy with the services your current host is providing. The response time for technical support is too slow...

WCW understands that as a business, you need to focus on your core competencies, that model which has made you successful. You aren't in the internet business so shouldn't have to learn how to maintain and keep current a website.

Wealth Create webs offers the service of taking over support and hosting of your existing website as is, generally at cost, and offer you the support your looking for at the Standard or Premium Monthly Maintenance. Our consultants will also do an initial review of your site and make recommendations to increase it's effectiveness toward your target audience, presentation and content if needed.

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